Imaging IT

With syngo Dynamics, our solution for Cardiovascular PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System), imaging workflow in cardiology and vascular ultrasound can achieve a new level of excellence.

syngo Dynamics is a comprehensive multi-modality diagnostic image review and evidence-based reporting system, incorporating decades of Siemens experience in both clinical and administrative workflows. The solution focuses on dynamic image clip review and reporting for ultrasound and cardiovascular imaging modalities. It represents a breakthrough in product design by integrating image and data management, post-processing and reporting while eliminating the need to have a different workplace, and even different staff, for each of these tasks. Pre-configured templates are used to make images and measurements available on demand. What’s more, these images can be displayed with worksheets or reports – without having to change to a different view.

syngo Dynamics is based on IHE profiles and DICOM, and supports HL-7 via interface engines, thus providing open connectivity and allowing healthcare facilities to create a filmless and paperless environment. Supporting enterprise-wide solutions, syngo Dynamics can be easily integrated into hospital information systems. This includes modality worklisting, study transfer, and report upload functions which are supported by a powerful interface engine.