International Cardiovascular Reference Center TaiwanHeart Center at Cheng Hsin General Hospital, Taipei

The partnership between the Heart Center at Cheng Hsin General Hospital (CHGH) in Taipei and Siemens Healthcare is based on the mutual commitment to integrate advanced medical technology into multimodality clinical workflows. The common goal is to promote innovative treatment concepts in non-invasive and invasive cardiology as well as in cardiac surgery.

By entitling the Heart Center at as “Siemens International Cardiovascular Reference Center” the two partners are strengthening their joint activities in cardiovascular care. The cooperation encompasses exchanging experience, sharing knowledge and driving future developments in cardiovascular care in order to achieve the best quality of care for all patients.


Exchanging experience

The visit program at the CHGH Heart Center is tailored to the individual requirements of the guests. It is led by experienced clinical specialists who present a variety of topic areas, including:

  • Noninvasive cardiovascular imaging
  • Interventions in the Hybrid OR
  • Integration of laboratory diagnostics into multimodality clinical workflows
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration


Sharing knowledge

The Siemens International Cardiovascular Reference Center in Taipei is open to medical professionals from all over the world interested in state-of-the-art cardiovascular care. You will experience the contribution of the most advanced medical equipment from Siemens and learn state-of-the-art techniques in cardiovascular imaging, interventions, cardiovascular surgery, and cardiac lab testing.

Driving the development of new solutions

CHGH was among the first cardiovascular centers in Asia to implement the concept of hybrid therapies, combining surgical procedures like bypass grafting or valve repair/ replacement with interventional procedures in the same session. One focus of the Siemens International Cardiovascular Reference Center will be the continuous improvement of image-guided cardiovascular therapies including specific workflow aspects.

Two strong partners, one shared vision

“Together with Siemens, we will continue to develop the Cheng Hsin General Hospital – from a supra-regional center with highest level cardiovascular care to an education and training center for cardiologists and cardiac surgeons from Mainland China, Southeast Asia, and any other countries in the world.”
Prof. Jeng Wei, MD, MSD, Director Heart Center at Cheng Hsin General Hospital