European Reference Center Cardiology in Essen, GermanyContilia Heart and Vascular Center

The partnership between the Contilia Heart and Vascular Center and Siemens Healthcare is based on a mutual commitment to integrate advanced medical technology systems into clinical cardiology routines in order to achieve the best possible care for all patients. The purpose of the collaboration is to improve clinical workflows and promote innovative treatment concepts in noninvasive and invasive cardiology – for example, through the comprehensive use of cardiac MRI, minimally invasive valvular interventions, and the treatment of atrial fibrillation. Now the Contilia Heart and Vascular Center and Siemens Healthcare are strengthening their joint activities in a strategic partnership by establishing the Siemens European Reference Center Cardiology.


The partners will facilitate knowledge-sharing during clinical trainings and fellowships as well as through an exchange of expertise during clinical workflow visits. They will strive to perfect efficient clinical processes by integrating multimodality imaging in diagnostic workflows and ensuring sound decisions and safe procedures in clinical routines.

European Reference Center Cardiology in Essen, Germany

Exchanging experience
Experience the impact of innovative imaging techniques integrated into advanced clinical workflows by expert cardiologists. During a customer visit, you will have the opportunity to experience the workflow in the catheter lab as well as the planning and execution of various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures: for example, in the interventional suite.

Sharing knowledge
In order to make full use of innovative imaging modalities, clinicians need to keep pace with the latest emerging technologies and procedures. The Contilia Heart and Vascular Center and Siemens offer a dedicated customer fellowship program focused on non-invasive and invasive cardiology. Participants can take an active role in the daily clinical multimodality imaging routine at the Contilia Heart and Vascular Center and gain insights into best practices in the cardiology competency areas.


Supporting the development of new solutions
Siemens Healthcare and the Contilia Heart and Vascular Center work together to improve existing medical technologies and establish efficient workflows for better clinical results. Their mutual efforts aim to provide solutions for safe procedures and sound decisions in the field of noninvasive cardiology, electrophysiology, and minimally invasive interventions.


Two strong partners, one shared vision
„The founding of the Siemens European Reference Center Cardiology will contribute to further improving our medical capabilities in the areas of prevention, diagnostics, and therapy – for the benefit of our patients and the economic success of our clinic.”
Professor Georg V. Sabin, MD Medical Director of the Elisabeth-Krankenhaus Essen, Head of the Department of Cardiology and Angiology


“Our partnership with the Contilia Heart and Vascular Center is focused on efficiently integrating innovative treatments for non-invasive and invasive cardiology. It is our mutual goal to transform highly specialized interventions into standards of care for cardiovascular diseases.”
Tom Miller, CEO Customer Solutions Division, Siemens Healthcare Sector


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