European Reference Center Cardiovascular Medicine MonacoCentre Cardio-thoracique de Monaco

Based on a 25-year history of successful collaboration, the Cardiothoracic Center of Monaco (C.C.M.) and Siemens Healthcare are now expanding their joint activities in a strategic partnership through the establishment of the first “Siemens European Reference Center Cardiovascular Medicine.” The scope of the collaboration is to develop and demonstrate disease focused multimodality clinical workflows and innovative treatment concepts that increase the quality and efficiency of care in cardiothoracic and vascular medicine.


At the Reference Center, various programs are being established for sharing knowledge in multimodality clinical trainings and fellowships and for exchanging experience during multimodality clinical workflow visits. Moreover, in their upcoming projects, Siemens and the C.C.M. will develop and validate new diagnostic and therapeutic concepts that concentrate on multimodality clinical workflows in individual disease patterns.

Siemens European Reference Center Cardiovascular Medicine Monaco

Exchanging experience

Experience the impact that state-of-the-art medical technology and IT can make on the quality and efficiency of cardiovascular care. Take part in a customer visit that will offer you a live demonstration of the integrated use of multiple modalities in disease-oriented clinical workflows.

Sharing knowledge
The multidisciplinary team of the C.C.M. offers to share the knowledge on multimodality cardiovascular imaging with visiting physicians and technicians. In order to provide hands on experience in cross-modality disease-oriented cardiovascular imaging, the Siemens European Reference Center Cardiovascular Medicine conducts fellowships and trainings for cardiologists, radiologists, and cardiac surgeons several times throughout the year.


Driving the development of new solutions
Working at the interface of clinical routine and cutting-edge technology, the Siemens European Reference Center Cardiovascular Medicine supports the research and development of Siemens Healthcare.
This support not only includes clinical advisory activities by the C.C.M.’s team of doctors, but also interdisciplinary meetings with industrial and clinical partners to review the latest developments in cardiovascular medicine.


Two strong partners, one shared vision
„Our establishment as Siemens Reference Center is a major step in our goal to advance the complete medical and surgical treatment of all thoracic and cardiovascular disorders.”
Prof. V. Dor, CEO Cardiothoracic Center of Monaco


“Through this partnership, we will address the challenges of early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of cardiovascular disorders. Our mutual goal is to discover and innovate breakthrough approaches to achieve the best outcome for each patient.”
Tom Miller, CEO Customer Solutions Division, Siemens Healthcare Sector


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