Cardiac CTComputed Tomography

Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) are the leading cause of death worldwide. Computed Tomography (CT) plays a steadily increasing role in the field of CVD imaging. The noninvasiveness of the method and recent major technological advances in scanner and software development make CT an especially appealing modality to detect atherosclerosis in early stages.

Cartic CT

Robust cardiac imaging is only possible with an adequately high temporal resolution making it possible to image the heart without motion artifacts. With Siemens’ Dual Source CT (DSCT) and its STRATON® technology, we achieve a heart-rate independent temporal resolution of 75 ms. Being fast enough to scan all heart rates eliminates the need for heart-rate lowering treatment. Another benefit of DSCT – the Flash Cardiac scan mode - allows for sub-mSv examinations.As a result CT is now available for almost any patient while substantially improving diagnostic quality and patient safety.

Synergizing the best scanner technology with fast and intelligent workflow applications leads to the complete solution needed to make fast and confident decisions. From automatic reconstruction of the data automatic detection of the cardiac phase with the least motion to the isolation of the heart, all features are dedicated to make your daily work faster and easier.

The combination of our SOMATOM® highend CT scanners and the CT Cardio-Vascular Engine provides a comprehensive clinical portfolio for your cardiovascular patients. It covers everything from cardiac risk and cardiovasular, ultimately fusing all your diagnostic findings into one single report.