Hybrid Cath Lab Solutions
Creating new therapeutic opportunities in interventional cardiology

Hybrid Cath Lab Solutions
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At Siemens, hybrid cath lab competence extends far beyond simply installing imaging systems. Our dedicated team of experts will work closely with you in designing a suite customized precisely to your needs – everything from the room planning to the setup and implementation, including the selection of an appropriate imaging system and applications, monitor booms, anesthesia equipment and lighting.

When designing a hybrid cath lab, two factors are particularly important:


  • space requirements
  • intended use of the room


Ideally, the room should offer maximum flexibility for handling a wide range of cardiovascular applications as well as fulfill your therapeutic needs over the long term. It should be equipped with advanced imaging capabilities that support minimally invasive coronary interventions at low dose as well as create an environment that supports cardiac device implants for treating structural heart disease and rhythm disorders.

3D Planning Videos

These videos show Artis zeego, Artis zee ceiling-mounted and Artis zee floor-mounted systems in a 3D planning environment. See what is possible when planning a hybrid OR or hybrid cath lab with Siemens.

Artis zeego multi-axis system

Artis zee ceiling-mounted system

Artis zee floor-mounted system