Hybrid Cath Lab Solutions
Creating new therapeutic opportunities in interventional cardiology

Hybrid Cath Lab Solutions
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Hybrid cath labs provide advanced imaging and at the same time fulfill the requirements for treating complex cases like high risk patients and structural heart disease. Therefore, next-generation cath labs are ideally suited for performing new therapeutic procedures such as aortic valve replacements, mitral valve repairs, and epicardial ablations of ventricular tachycardias. They also help to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of patient care by expanding your room capabilities and broadening your procedure mix.

Designing and installing a hybrid cath lab specifically customized to your needs – current and future – requires a dedicated team of experts. Siemens has extensive cardiology expertise and experience.

Equipped with advanced imaging technology, a hybrid cath lab can provide exceptional flexibility and support for a wide range of cardiovascular procedures. Artis zee solutions for hybrid cath labs are designed to make your workflow smart, easy and efficient.

Artis zeego
A floor-mounted imaging system such as Artis zeego offers clear advantages in meeting a hybrid room’s high sterility standards. The ceiling above the patient is kept free from system components. The system enables highly flexible positioning around the patient and innovative 3D imaging for treatment of structural heart disease.




  • Unique positioning capabilities
  • Ergonomic design with flexible working height and variable isocenter
  • Integrated table with lateral tilt and synchronized tracking
  • Innovative 3D imaging capabilities with syngo DynaCT Cardiac
  • Ideally suited for institutions interested in conducting new treatment methods

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Artis zee floor-mounted system

  • With its extra small footprint, this system fits into virtually any cath lab
  • System movements do not interfere with ceiling suspensions or pass over the sterile field
  • MultispaceF and rotatable integrated OR table enable unique positioning flexibility for a conventional floor-mounted system
  • 3D imaging capabilities of syngo DynaCT Cardiac support complex structural interventions
  • Ideally suited for reducing the risk of contamination-related infections in highly complex procedures


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Artis zee ceiling-mounted system

  • C-arm and flat detector positioning flexibility allows imaging from all angles around the patient while maintaining the anatomical orientation of the displayed images
  • InFocus and IsoTilt hold the projection on the region of interest during gantry movements and integrated OR table tilting
  • syngo DynaCT acquisition from left/right side allows 3D imaging of peripheral regions
  • Ideally suited for cath labs with high percentage of peripheral cases


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Artis zee biplane system

  • Second isocentric working position provides full patient coverage from head to toe
  • Unique left side position gives anesthesiologist generous access to the patient’s head
  • Ideally suited for treating patients particularly vulnerable to the effects of contrast media, e.g. pediatric patients

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Tableside control
with customized workflow setups and an integrated mouse control.