Breast AI

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With our mammography systems and our multimodal visualization solutions for breast health, we combine the power of our market-unique 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis, our Insight BD together with AI based decision support1.

We aim to let you see more, detect breast cancer earlier, and help women stay healthy.

Available in product Mammomat InspirationMammomat Revelation, Mammovista Bsmart

50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis

Tomosynthesis is on the rise. Its use in screening is also being discussed more and more frequently - and for good reason. 15-30% of all breast cancers are not detected via standard mammography because of overlapping tissue.

With our unique 50° Wide-Angle Tomosynthesis we enable:

  • the highest depth resolution
  • the highest mass detectability at the right dose
  • and a minimum of compression.

Insight BD

Insight BD

Insight Breast Density: Leverage quick and precise risk assessment

Objective classification supporting you in instant risk stratification right at the acquisition workstation, directly after the first scan for more predictable workflows and personalized breast care.


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<p>Dr. Sabine Maeyaert, radiologist at Heilig Hart Lier</p>

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