AI-Rad Companion Chest CT

Your imaging decision support companion for chest CT interpretation

AI-Rad Companion Chest CT is an AI-powered radiology assistant that supports clinicians by performing automatic measurements and preparing the results in the form of valuable clinical images, quantifications and medical reports. It can differentiate between the various structures of the chest, highlight them individually, and mark and measure potential abnormalities automatically. This applies equally to organs such as the heart and lungs, aorta, and vertebral bodies. Through AI-powered algorithms, the AI-Rad companion assists radiologists in their daily clinical routine by undertaking repetitive and time-consuming image recognition tasks.

AI-Rad Companion also provides a structured dataset with all measurements, which can be imported to other database systems in the hospital and used for research related purposes where such measurements are important.

AI-Rad Companion Chest CT interpret standard DICOM CT Images of the thorax.


AI-Rad Companion Chest CT supports radiologists by preparing valuable clinical information to enhance the image interpretation workflow. It automatically performs measurements, prepares results which could be used for reports, and helps to handle the workload with more ease.

AI-Rad Companion Chest CT automatically highlights abnormalities, characterizes anatomies, and matches results with reference values as well, to support more confident case evaluation. AI-Rad Companion acts as an assistant for radiologists working at their PACS workstation applying the following approach:

  • Provide a first reading to radiologists to support final clinical decision.
  • Provide a second reading to support radiologist clinical decision.

Enabled by the teamplay digital health platform and using state-of-the-art image processing algorithms supported by artificial intelligence, AI-Rad Companion Chest CT is integrated into the radiologist's workflow and delivers value in four key areas:

  • Accelerated interpretation and workflow efficiency
  • Improved clinical outcomes and increased accuracy
  • Provision of additional clinically relevant information and visual highlighting
  • Standardized results while helping to reduce interreader variability
Workflow Integration

The goal of AI-Rad Companion is to seamlessly integrate into your hospitals existing environment as well as the radiologist workflows. We want to augment the radiologist’s/clinical expert’s interpretation process, not hinder it. 

Clinical examples

Customer experiences

<p>Dr. Louis Flamée, Radiologist at Jan Yperman Hospital </p>


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