Deliver exceptional quality and speed in MRI. With Tim.

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In 2003, Siemens launched Tim integrated coil technology, changing MRI forever. Featuring excellent image quality and fast acquisition speed, this proven technology has been installed over 10,000 times to date. Tim's extended coverage means no repositioning for multiple exams, and more exams per day.
The newest generation - Tim 4G - is setting new benchmarks.

Delivering 4G Flexibility, 4G Accuracy and 4G Speed.

  • Up to 204 coil elements. Up to 128 RF channels.
  • Exceptional SNR and image quality with high channel coils and the unique RF architecture enabling DirectRF for true signal purity.
  • Excellent image quality with up to 40%1 reduced scan times. 

4G Flexibility

  • Up to 204 coil elements with up to 128 independent RF channels for higher SNR and speed
  • Ultra high-density coil array for a scan range up to 205 cm with no coil repositioning
  • Light-weight, patient-friendly coils enable more flexibility in patient set-up


4G Accuracy

  • High-resolution imaging from head to toe with high channel coils
  • Fully digital DirectRF architecture with transmit and receive components at the magnet for true signal purity and stability
  • TimTX TrueForm, providing excellent B1 homogeneity at 3T
  • ZOOMit powered by TimTX TrueShape - Zoomed imaging to see the details and making full use of parallel transmit

4G Speed

  • Easier and quicker set-up with improved Tim 4G DirectConnect and SlideConnect coils
  • Tim Dockable Table is mobility done right
  • iPAT2 allowing parallel imaging in two directions for fast data acquisition

All digital-in/digital-out. With MAGNETOM.

1Results may vary. Data on file.