Atellica CI 1900 Analyzer

The power and possibility of the central laboratory in every clinical environment.

Features & Benefits

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Sophisticated User Interface

Sample Handling

Independent Integration

Standardized to Atellica® Solution



Operational Efficiency

    When high-quality diagnostics are delivered closer to home, communities have the potential to grow healthier. Important answers become available sooner. Tests become more customized to better meet the needs of patients and providers. Because when you are on a mission to protect the health of your community, space limitations should never limit your diagnostic capabilities.

    The Atellica CI 1900 Analyzer is delivering standardization and independent integration to the central lab of your entire network—so you can scale capabilities where and when you need them.


    Comprehensive and growing menu planned to have a comparable menu to Atellica® Solution across 20 disease states.


    • Up to 6 months reagent onboard stability (assay dependent)
    • Calibration intervals up to 200 days (assay dependent)


    • Up to 3 months reagent onboard stability (assay dependent)
    • Calibration intervals up to 90 days (assay dependent)

    Technical Details

    • Runs up to up to 600 photometric, 400 IMTs, 120 immunoassay tests per hour
    • Onboard capacity of 113 assays (70 reagent clinical chemistry positions, 3 IMTs, 20 primary and 20 ancillary immunoassay positions)
    • Rack handler accommodates 120 samples
    • STAT testing capability
    • No shared major components, to consistently maintain throughput
    German Design Award Gold 2023


    In 2023, the Rat für Formgebung - German Design Council recognized the Atellica® CI 1900 for its design excellence and user experience.