Sysmex CA-620 and 660 Systems
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Sysmex CA-620 and 660 Systems
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566 x 490 x 490 mm (W x D x H)
22.5 x 19.5 x 19.5 in.
Approx. 43 kg/94.6 lb
Clotting/4, chromogenic,* and immunologic*
Source Lamp 
Clotting4 LEDs with 660 nm/wavelength
Chromogenic1 LED with 405 nm/wavelength*
Immunologic1 LED with 575 nm/wavelength*
Sample capacity
10 sample tubes
Throughput (Approx) 
PT60 tests/hour
D-Dimer16 tests/hour
PT, APTT, Fibrinoogen48 simultaneous tests/hour
PT/APTT/Fibrinogen/AT40 simultaneous tests/hour
PT/APTT/Fib/D-Dimer32 simultaneous tests/hour
Access mode
Continuous random access (reaction tubes)
Automatic predefined calibration
1 priority position
Reaction Tubes
Single reaction tubes
Reaction Tube Loading
60 reaction tubes onboard
automatic continuous access

Note: Sysmex is a registered trademark of Sysmex Corporation

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*Offered on Sysmex CA-660 System only.

The products/features (mentioned herein) are not commercially available in all countries. Due to regulatory reasons their future availability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact your local Siemens Healthineers organization for further details.