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Artis zee with PURE
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Both for routine and complex procedures, Artis zee gives you the flexibility and confidence you need to tackle an increasingly diverse case mix. It supports you in making the right decisions for individual patients and allows you to grow with future developments. Simply put, it is a system that prepares you for whatever comes your way. Artis zee. Tackle every challenge

Deliver optimal image quality

Regardless of the kind of patient you treat, regardless of procedure, Artis zee helps you address all clinical challenges with excellent image quality at lowest dose.

A perfect team - a perfect match

See the previously unseen
Intracranial bleedings, for example, are difficult to detect in the angio suite and patients usually have to be transferred to a modality with excellent low-contrast detectability like CT or MRI.

The HDR (High Dynamic Range) flat detector as40 HDR and proven MEGALIX Cat Plus X-ray tube make a perfect match for Interventional Radiology and Neuroradiology procedures: together, they enhance 3D image quality and deliver excellent low-contrast images directly in the angio suite – even for challenging applications. This means you save precious time and free up your CT and MRI.

Intelligent dose optimization

Adjust to each individual patient and angulation

  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) automatically adjusts the following five parameters depending on the C-arm angulation: tube current, focal spot, filitration, exposure time and tube voltage
  • This supports an optimal balance between image quality and dose-at all angulations


Smart scintillator technology for dose efficiency

Having a thicker cesium iodide layer than conventional detectors, the HDR detector increases dose efficiency which is especially beneficial at low dose levels. This translates for you into enhanced contrast resolution even when treating obese patients.


Clearly better images

  • CLEAR applications reduce noise, increase image sharpness, and compensate motion artefacts, e.g. CLEARmatch


Excellent soft tissue differentiation

syngo DynaCT with HDR detector technology translates into excellent low-contrast resolution. Clearly detect and diagnose small intracranial bleedings. 

Broaden your procedure mix

Thanks to Artis zee’s extensive range of applications and positioning flexibility, you will be able to perform angiography procedures that may not have been possible before.

User guidance with PURE®

  • To make your procedures run smoothly Artis zee comes with dedicated user guidance, especially for 3D
  • With PURE, you increase your process effciency in the angio suite


Develop your clinical scope

  • Artis zee offers a wide range of applications that give you the flexibility to meet different demands and challenges
  • Both for 2D and 3D, these applications provide relevant information and guidance that increase you confidence 


Invest with confidence

Artis zee is a smart investment that grows with your requirements. Whether you are looking for a rapid return on investment, shared use, access to latest clinical applications, or future upgradability – Artis zee is ready.

Customize it

Optimize your angio lab for shared use

  • In order to accommodate various clinical disciplines in one room, a high dgree of flexibility is needed Artis zee is therefore available as a floor, ceiling or biplane system and also a multipurpose system.

Customize and upgrade your system

  • The Artis PURE® platform is just one example of the innovations available for the Artis ze product familyavailable. The system can grow with your needs and gives you access to evolving technology.
  • Artis zee is individually customizable and can be upgraded with the latest Siemens software available


Rely on it

Up to 99% uptime with Siemens service

  • With thousands of angiography systems in use around the world, Siemens is known as a provider of top-quality products and globale support
  • Depending on your choosen contract, we can deliver up to 99% uptime


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