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How to register

We have set up a registration process that is as short and efficient as possible. As we want to ensure peer-to-peer knowledge exchange within the Siemens Healthcare User Forum, there are some simple verification steps needed along the way. If you have any questions during the registration process, just let us know.

1. Create a Siemens Healthcare Account

Visit the Siemens Healthcare Account registration page or simply click the »Register«-button on the right side of this page.

Select your language of choice and fill in at least the mandatory information (fields marked with a star) within the first two steps of the process. You may optionally provide Service Details as well.

Double check your information in step three and complete the registration by clicking »Next« on the bottom of the page.

You have now successfully created a Siemens Healthcare account, which you may use for other future services provided by Siemens Healthcare as well.

In order to verify your email address we will send you an activation email from the sender

Please access your email account and click the activation link. Please also check your SPAM folder, as sometimes emails with this registration link may end up there.

After clicking on the activation link you are asked to set the password for your account. Define your password an set it by clicking »Submit«. The page takes about five seconds to reload.

After the page has reloaded click »Access Healthcare User Forum«.

2. Access the user forum and join user groups

After completing phase one of the registration process you are forwarded to the start page of the Healthcare User Forum .

Click »Login«. You are automatically logged in since you just set your password.

Read the disclaimer carefully and click »Proceed« if you approve, »Cancel« if you don‘t (you won‘t be able to use the Heathcare User Forum in this case).

If you proceeded, you will be directed to your Healthcare User Forum Dashboard.

Select a user group to join.

Since all groups are moderated, the dedicated moderator will have to approve your group membership.


In the appearing screen (after selecting a user group), enter a short message to the moderator, accept the »Terms and conditions« and click »Request to Join«.


3. Verification

In order to guarantee peer-to-peer discussions in this forum, we will verify that you are a healthcare professional. In order to do that, we might contact you via email. This process should not take longer than one working day.

4. Approval

Once you are approved by the moderator, you receive an email letting you know that you have access to the User Group you requested to join. You can share away now.

Have fun!

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