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Below you find a listing of all currently available user groups within the Siemens Healthcare User Forum. If you qualify for one, please register and request access


Syngo.via Community

The “syngo.via Community” user group is for Siemens syngo.via users, to access educational material, share and discuss clinical experience of syngo.via. The syngo.via Community is exclusive to syngo.via users and not open for any other users.

Dot Exchange

The “Dot Exchange” user group is a platform for users of Dot, a Siemens MRI exam software, combining intuitive protocol management with quality results for each exam. On this platform users can exchange their experiences in using this software, as well as upload and share MRI protocols.

syngo.via Frontier Forum

The “syngo.via Frontier Forum” user group is a platform for users of syngo.via Frontier, an additional syngo.via server dedicated to research and prototype development. The group aims at connecting a global group of researchers working with Siemens scanners, syngo.via and syngo.via Frontier for the purpose of discussing research ideas, challenges, and approaches related to available research prototypes. Only users of syngo.via Frontier are applicable for this user group.

Right Dose Community

Radiation dose and radiation dose protection for patients and staff is one of the most discussed topics in medical imaging. At Siemens we believe, that as low doses in all modalities become more and more achievable it becomes more and more obvious, that there isn’t one dose level that fits everyone. Every clinical question and every single patient demands an individual and specific dose level. The “Right Dose Community” user group serves as an open discussion space and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange for healthcare professionals on the topic of radiation dose in medical imaging. Dose management strategies and settings can be shared and discussed that have the exclusive goal of increasing patient and staff protection from unnecessary dose. The group is dedicated to healthcare professionals who use Siemens scanning equipment that emits medical radiation dose.

Na Frequência Certa

The "Na Frequência Certa" User Group is for customers in Brazil who have a service contract with Siemens or have purchased a medical device from Siemens during a twelve-months-period prior to registration. It is intended to facilitate easy and fast self-help in connection with the Siemens system. Language of the User Group is Portuguese. At the moment, this User Group only covers Ultrasound X-Series products. The user group is not open for any other users.