Siemens Ictotest Reagent Tablets
The Name You Trust for Timely and Accurate Confirmatory Urine Bilirubin Results

Siemens Ictotest Reagent Tablets
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CHEMICAL PRINCIPLES OF THE PROCEDURE: The reaction is based on the coupling of a unique solid diazonium salt with bilirubin in an acid medium to give the blue or purple reaction.

STORAGE AND HANDLING: Ictotest Reagent Tablets are stable until the expiration date in the unopened container if stored at temperatures between 15–30°C. Do not store the bottle in direct sunlight. Replace cap promptly and tightly after use. Do not use tablets that are damaged.

LIMITATIONS OF THE PROCEDURE: Metabolites of (phenazopyridine) give bright red-orange colors which may mask the reaction of small amounts of bilirubin. Elevated concentrations of urobilinogen do not mask the reaction of small amounts of bilirubin, but atypical orange colors are produced. Chlorpromazine in large amounts may give a false positive result, and metabolites of Lodine (etodolac) may cause false positive or atypical results.

SPECIFIC PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS: Ictotest Reagent Tablets will detect as little as 0.05 to 0.1 mg bilirubin/dL in urine (0.9–1.7 µmol/L).

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