CLINITEK Microalbumin 2 Reagent Strips
In-office, clinic or hospital testing for early detection of kidney disease in patients with diabetes

CLINITEK Microalbumin 2 Reagent Strips
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CLINITEK® Microalbumin 2 Reagent Strips make it simple and easy to test patients with diabetes. Because testing for microalbuminuria can detect kidney disease in its early stages, physicians may begin intervention earlier than might otherwise have been possible. CLINITEK Microalbumin 2 Reagent Strips permit detection of elevated albumin sooner, more sensitively and more specifically than products designed for general protein testing.1

The American Diabetes Association has stated that "Annual testing for microalbuminuria will allow identification of patients with nephropathy at a point very early in its course."1

The CLINITEK Microalbumin 2 Reagent Strips provide semi-quantitative results with a hard-copy report on the CLINITEK Status® family of analyzers, making them ideal for point-of-care testing. Patient samples can be tested immediately during a physician, clinic or hospital visit, rather than sending them out and waiting for results. The strips are also convenient for testing random urine samples, eliminating the need to collect a timed sample.

The CLINITEK Microalbumin 2 Reagent Strips are CLIA-waived for use on the CLINITEK 50® and CLINITEK Status Family of Analyzers.

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