Stratus CS 200 Acute Cardiac Care Troponin Analyzer
Lab-quality results delivered with speed and efficiency where you need them

Stratus CS 200 Acute Cardiac Care Troponin Analyzer
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The Stratus CS 200 cardiac troponin analyzer* is easy to use, with rapid turnaround time, an intuitive touchscreen interface, and multiple cardiac assay offerings.

Lab-quality Results
The analyzer delivers lab-quality results at the point of care and with the speed needed for cardiac patients. It offers a comprehensive cardiac menu, including guideline acceptable sensitive troponin I and D-dimer assays, and automatically spins whole blood into plasma for testing, thereby reducing the risk of biohazard exposure. The Stratus CS 200 system ensures results will be comparable to lab tests run on plasma samples.

Simple Steps for Fast and Consistent Results

  • With the first result available in as fast as 14 minutes and subsequent results within 4 minutes, the Stratus CS 200 system allows for faster diagnosis of patients.
  • The acute cardiac care system accepts whole blood samples in a collection tube; no sample preparation is required.
  • Simply input sample and walk away—minimal operator involvement.
  • A user-friendly touchscreen interface allows for easier navigation through the instrument’s screens.
  • The bar-code reader eliminates the need for manual entry and reduces potential for error.

Efficient Workflow

  • Bidirectional connectivity feature with third-party data managers allows for the safe and secure transmission of results.
  • Remote monitoring saves time by eliminating the need to walk to the analyzer to check when calibration is due.
  • Ample memory allows storage of up to 50 patient results and up to 500 operator IDs.

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