Optimize Your Patients’ Dialysis Approach
Siemens N Latex BTP assay provides a new level of insight into RRF

Learn how to get precise RRF estimation with one serum sample.
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Simple and Precise Monitoring of RRF
Beta-trace protein (BTP) measurement with the N Latex BTP assay offers simpler sample retrieval and increased accuracy of RRF determination when compared to other methods. It is the first assay to accurately, reliably and simply estimate RRF status with one serum sample.

  • Only a single serum sample is needed for determination of BTP
  • Allows estimation of renal contribution to clearance - without inaccurate and cumbersome urine collection
  • Supports decisions regarding dialysis modality selection
  • Provides information clinicians need to adjust dialysis regimen as well as to anticipate and manage complications.

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