Inveon Acquisition Workplace

Inveon Acquisition Workplace
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  • Designed to deliver total workflow efficiency in all steps of experimental design, image acquisition and reconstruction
  • Able to perform multimodality acquisitions effortlessly along with the ability to view CT image acquisitions in real-time
  • Allows you to generate high quality reconstructed images with a wide choice of modality-specific reconstruction algorithms

Maximize Efficiencies Across Entire Workflow

The Protocol Builder feature in IAW defines the details of acquisitions and reconstructions. The Drag and Drop Workflow Builder seamlessly integrates PET, CT, and SPECT acquisitions and reconstructions. The Navigator Window easily displays protocols and workflows.


Pre-loaded tools for experimental and workflow design maximizes overall efficiencies.

Perform Multimodal Acquisitions Effortlessly

The Workflow Builder easily prepares and runs multimodality acquisitions on the same workstation. The CT Projection Viewer displays in vivo animal data in real time.


The ability to visualize reconstructions in real-time allows you to make protocol modifications if necessary and minimizes dose to the animal.

Generate High Quality Reconstructed Images

A variety of modality-specific reconstruction methods are available that include 2D or 3D analytical and iterative reconstruction methods for PET, Feldkamp reconstruction method for CT and 3D-OSEM and 3D-MAP reconstruction methods for SPECT.


A wide choice of reconstruction algorithms allows you to choose the optimal reconstruction technique for generating the best quality image based on the goals of the study.

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