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Siemens – bringing first-world care to a third-world environment

2001: Lettie was a 26-year-old South African woman who stood on the brink of death. She was emaciated, couldn't walk and was too sick to care for her children. A government hospital diagnosed Lettie with AIDS. Lacking the resources, she was released to go home. Her village abandoned her and she awaited certain death.

Lettie's fate is shared by millions – there are 900 HIV deaths and 1,900 new infections in South Africa every day – but Lettie's life could be saved. She found Dr. Hugo A. Tempelman, who runs the Ndlovu Medical Center – a remote medical outpost more than 120 miles from the closest hospital. Dr. Tempelman is working with TOGA Molecular Biology Laboratory – one of Siemens' largest customers.

Today: Lettie is back to her normal weight and able to get around with the help of a walker. She carries a full workload as a member of Dr. Tempelman's staff in the Ndlovu Medical Center assisting other HIV-infected patients.

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