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Combining Diagnostic Expertise and Cutting-edge Test Technologies to Expand the Boundaries of Companion Diagnostics


At Siemens Clinical Laboratory (SCL), we know that the right partnerships are the key to truly expanding the boundaries of companion diagnostics and realizing the potential of personalized medicine. 

When choosing a companion diagnostics partner, you need a reliable co-developer with both technical and regulatory expertise in diagnostics and with a comprehensive global reach. SCL offers a CLIA lab within the first fully integrated global diagnostics company.

Successful co-development projects require partners who can align their development programs early and work closely throughout the entire process. Combining a diverse array of leading-edge technologies with extensive regulatory, quality, and design control process expertise, SCL accommodates the most demanding diagnostic needs of next-generation therapeutics. As a provider of molecular testing services for nearly two decades and supported by a worldwide leader in healthcare, SCL utilizes proven diagnostics expertise to support our pharmaceutical partners at every stage of their therapy development process—from test conceptualization through test development for companion diagnostic applications.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers need collaborators with the experience to efficiently move through the complex regulatory environments aligning diagnostics and pharmaceutical co-development. Partnering with SCL gives you the opportunity to leverage Siemens Diagnostics’ worldwide regulatory expertise. In addition, SCL’s CLIA-accredited laboratory provides a setting for complete regulatory compliance and quality oversight before, during, and after clinical trials—leading to successful companion diagnostics test uses.

As part of a leading diagnostics company, SCL is in a unique position to offer our partners new opportunities for test deployment through our worldwide customer base. SCL’s capabilities extend throughout the field of diagnostics. SCL has expertise in flow cytometry, fluorescence / phase microscopy, histology, microbiology, molecular, immunoassay, immunohistochemistry, hematology, hemostasis, and immunohematology, allowing the possibility of test development on a variety of proprietary technology platforms.

In addition, SCL has leveraged a range of technologies for the development of tests that assist in treating some of the world’s most complex and life-threatening diseases.

As a component of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc., SCL is tied to a long-standing and successful history focused on advancing the field of diagnostics, and ultimately human health. With SCL, you have a partner at the forefront of the diagnostics industry—a partner expanding the boundaries of personal medicine by bridging traditional gaps between clinical trials and IVD applications. Acutely aware of the ever-changing technology and regulatory environment, SCL is adaptable to the needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers regardless of size and specialty.