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Siemens Clinical Lab’s (SCL) unwavering, proven commitments to quality and compliance are reflected in our relentless focus on excellence; the ongoing, cutting-edge training of our teams; and our development and refinement of the latest test technologies. These core components of our approach to personalized medicine mean our partners and customers can rely on the highest possible standards of both quality and compliance to support their companion diagnostics and clinical laboratory needs.

Quality Assurance—Every step of the way

SCL’s demand for the highest quality in everything we do means you can count on the SCL teams, processes, and technologies to support your companion diagnostics and clinical laboratory needs at the highest level, every step of the way. We believe our total commitment to quality drives the continuous improvement of our services, and that this commitment is essential to our success—and to the success of our partners and customers.


Comprehensive Compliance—Always

Every aspect of SCL’s operations is in full compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local regulations. Comprehensive internal review processes ensure that full compliance never wavers and is something all partners and customers of SCL can rely on. Complete credentials for SCL’s federal, state, and local compliance measures are available here.


Protecting Privacy—Putting patients first

The confidentiality of patients’ medical information is of the utmost importance to SCL. We employ—and constantly monitor and update—the very latest processes and technologies in order to safeguard this information. In addition, SCL operates in full compliance with HIPAA and HITECH requirements.

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