Individual sample transport and direct tube aspiration enhance tube flow
Productivity you can count on powered by Atellica® Solution

Atellica® Solution revolutionary sample management technology provides independent control over chemistry and immunoassay STAT and routine samples.

Productivity you can count on.

  • Individual sample transport and direct tube aspiration versus rack-based transport eliminate sample bottlenecks
  • Bidirectional, variable-speed magnetic sample transport speeds samples to analyzers
  • Point-in-space sampling enhances tube workflow and reduces variation in turnaround time
  • AI-enabled sample management technology prioritizes STAT samples and adapts sample speed and positioning at aspiration to enhance turnaround time and quality
Gain more control by integrating the latest sample management innovation, the Atellica® Decapper, into your analytical workflow with little to no additional footprint.  

All systems flow.

Transforming care delivery with sophisticated, smart workflows with less human intervention and data-driven insight.
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