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VersaCell Systems
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VersaCell Powerful Software


Software User Interface
The VersaCell® System user interface works independently from any of the connected instruments and is controlled by a separate computer. The operator can identify the system status, as well as the status of any individual rack or sample. In addition, the software displays informational messages, event and error logs and diagnostic procedures for troubleshooting purposes. Features of the VersaCell System User Interface are described briefly below.

Home Screen
The Home Screen is a visual depiction of the system, displaying the status of each of the four drawers as well as the robotic arm. In addition, the operator can change the mode of operation of the VersaCell System, as well as access each of the software features incorporated into the user interface.

Rack and Sample Status
As the operator adds and removes samples from VersaCell System, the drawer status indicators within the software change from Locked to Unlocked. These changes are represented by a change in color, as well as a written indication on the screen.

By clicking on each of the individual sample drawers, the operator can view the contents of each drawer within the Sample Drawer Results window. This window indicates the status of each tube within the individual drawers, as well as the barcode information for each sample.

From the Sample Drawer Results window, the operator can obtain additional information about any sample in the rack by clicking on it. The sample tube location appears with a box around it and will bring up the sample status information on the right side of the screen.

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