Sweden: New multidisciplinary Hybrid Operating Theatres


Siemens Healthcare and Sahlgrenska University Hospital have signed a contract for the delivery of four Hybrid Operating Theatres to the new Imaging center that Sahlgrenska is currently building. The medical technology equipment that will be delivered by Siemens Healthcare consists of a movable MRI (Magnet Resonance Imaging) system mounted on ceiling rails, and advanced angiography systems based on robotic technology. It is the first of its kind in Northern Europe. The installation will be in clinical use in 2016. The contract has an initial value of about 86 MSEK (about 9 MEUR).

New multidisciplinary Hybrid Operating Theatres
MRI system in the Hybrid Operating Theatre where the magnet is moved to the patient.

The Hybrid Operating Theatres will support Sahlgrenska University Hospital in performing safer and more advanced procedures. The patients can in turn leave the hospital earlier and make room for new patients. The solutions are primarily driven by the neurosurgery demands but there are many other clinical disciplines that will benefit from the set-up, such as vascular surgery, radiology, urology, cardiac surgery, cardiology, and spine surgery. 

The order covers two Hybrid Operating Theatres equipped with the Artis zeego angiography system which is based on robotic technology and enables advanced imaging, such as intra-procedural CT-like 3D imaging. In addition, the 3 Tesla MAGNETOM Skyra MRI system will be mounted on ceiling rails and can be moved into the fourth room during an operation to support increased surgical accuracy, which is especially important in brain surgery. This solution is supplied in collaboration between Siemens Healthcare and IMRIS Inc. An important reason for Sahlgrenska to invest in this technology is to avoid moving the patient and instead having the system move to the patient, which is much safer.

New multidisciplinary Hybrid Operating Theatres
Hybrid operating room equipped with Artis zeego and Maquet Magnus table

Siemens Healthcare focuses on advanced imaging technologies in the operating environment since it adds value to both the patient and the hospital. Operations previously performed in open surgery can now be done minimally invasively. ‘By combining the latest technical advances with our highly specialized medical doctors we can offer our patients state of the art treatment’, says Robert Leth, MD, Project Manager and Medical Doctor in Surgery. ‘The benefit for the patients is obvious with minimally invasive surgery since they can leave the hospital much sooner; this is also beneficial for the hospital which needs to manage its resources carefully. Siemens Healthcare sees a strong trend in this and expects an increasing demand for similar solutions’, says Johan Mälsjö, Head of Division Imaging & Therapy at Siemens Healthcare in Sweden.