MAGNETOM Trio Upgrade
Upgrade your MAGNETOM Trio to MAGNETOM Prismafit

MAGNETOM Trio Upgrade
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Upgrade your MAGNETOM Trio, a Tim System, to a MAGNETOM Prismafit.

Overview Technical Details

Field strength3 Tesla
Bore size60 cm
System length213 cm
System weight (in operation)13 tons
Minimum room size133 m2
RF technology 
Maximum number of channels2204
Number of independent receiver channels that can be used simultaneously in one single scan and in one single FoV, each generating an independent partial image48, 64, or 128
Gradient strengthXR Gradients (80 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s)

Siemens' unique technologies

 Tim 4G: The 4th generation of proven Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology provides up to 204 coils elements with up to 128 channels for the accuracy you need.

DotGO: DotGO is Siemens’ next step in MRI exam software, combining intuitive protocol management (Dot Cockpit) with quality results for each exam (Dot engines). For true flexibility, consistency, and efficiency.

TimTX TrueForm: Is Siemens' solution for overcoming B1 inhomogeneities at 3 Tesla. It includes innovative techniques in the RF excitation hardware as well as new application and processing features enabling uniform RF distribution in all body regions.

TimTX TrueShape: Is Siemens’ parallel transmit architecture. It features selective excitation to highlight regions, organs or features of an organ leading to increased image quality and faster scanning. Builds the foundation for unique parallel transmit applications, like ZOOMit, the first zoom function in MRI.

Magnet technology

With an upgrade to MAGNETOM Prismafit you keep your MAGNETOM Trio magnet with its benckmark magnet homogeneity (typ. 1.1 ppm @ 50 cm DSV (diameter spherical volume)) and magnet reliability.

Field strength3 Tesla
Bore size60 cm
Magnet length198 cm

Gradient system

Your upgraded MAGNETOM Prismafit comes standard with the XR 80/200 gradient system, the strongest gradients in the industry. The combination of the excellents gradients together with Tim (Total imaging matrix) enables the most demanding applications.

It offers largest anatomical coverage with a FoV up to 50 cm.

GradientsMaximum amplitude of 80 mT/m @ a slewrate of 200 T/m/s,
Simultaneously on all three axes

RF technology

Tim’s revolutionary all digital-in/digital-out design DirectRF allows for higher SNR and improved stability. All transmit and receive components are located at the magnet.

  • Optical links between magnet and equipment room to achieve high RF stability and low noise
  • Transmit and receive components are integrated in the magnet housing
  • Dual-Density Signal Transfer enables ultra-high density coil designs by integrating key RF components into the local coil

Siting and installation

The upgrade to MAGNETOM Prismafit fits into the current MAGNETOM Trio, a Tim System’s room. The upgrade including all new components, computers, and software will be installed in up to 15 working days.

System length213 cm
System weight (in operation)13 tons
Minimum room size133 m²

General Requirements


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1Minimum total space requirement for magnet, electronics, and console room.

2Channels (coil elements) that can be connected simultaneously.