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Healthcare providers worldwide are striving to improve outcomes for patients and make healthcare systems more efficient. MAGNETOM Amira is specifically designed to help answer these challenges. Now you can extend your clinical capabilities, improve patient experience, and boost process efficiency – at lower costs per scan.

Increase patient comfort with Quiet Suite

It’s challenging to stay competitive in a changing healthcare environment. Today’s patients have more freedom to select their physicians and their satisfaction plays an ever-greater role in securing business. MAGNETOM Amira helps you increase patient comfort – for example, by reducing sound pressure in MRI exams by up to 97%.1

Gain diagnostic value with FREEZEit

Healthcare facilities around the world are looking to extend their clinical capabilities and improve diagnostic results for patients. With the latest syngo software, high-density coils, and enhanced signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), MAGNETOM Amira lets you reach more patient groups – for example, with free-breathing exams.

Streamline operations with 10-min exams

Ensuring consistent and standardized quality of care while remaining competitive is crucial. Changing guidelines and diverse requests from referrers make it difficult to establish standards in MRI. MAGNETOM Amira helps standardize and streamline operations – for example, with best-practice-based protocols enabling 10-min exams in body regions representing 75%2 of exams.

Further solutions to streamline operations:

Save 30% energy with Eco-Power

With expenditure on labor, power, and helium increasing every year and MR reimbursements in decline, optimizing financial performance is a key concern for healthcare operators. MAGNETOM Amira helps you save energy and overall costs – for example, by saving 30% energy3 during standby.

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1Decibel measurements and images acquired on MAGNETOM Amira, November 2014. Data on file; results may vary.

2Evaluation of MRI utilization. Based on 2.2 million Siemens MR examinations in 2013.

3Results may vary. Data on file.