ACUSON X700 Ultrasound System
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ACUSON X700 Ultrasound System
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The ACUSON X700™ ultrasound system processes more information, more quickly for the best possible diagnosis.

Excellent system performance utilizing technologies migrated from the ACUSON S Family™ of ultrasound systems are standard in the ACUSON X700 platform including:

  • Dynamic TCE™ Tissue Contrast Enhancement technology
  • Advanced SieClear™ multi-view spatial compounding

The following features are also standard, making the ACUSON X700 system an excellent value:

  • SieClear™ multi-view spatial compounding
  • TGO™ tissue grayscale optimization technology
  • DTI™ Doppler tissue imaging


Siemens patented micro-pinless (MP) transducer technology -- MP transducers ensure the highest signal fidelity and enable compatibility with our ACUSON S Family of ultrasound systems. For further flexibility, the system also supports transducers compatible with our ACUSON XTM Family of ultrasound products.

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