ACUSON P10 ultrasound system - Upgrades & Services

Warranty Coverage
The ACUSON P10™ ultrasound system comes with one full year of warranty coverage. Your ACUSON P10 system, its rechargeable battery packs, and accessories are covered against defects in material or workmanship for 12 months from the date of shipment.

ACUSON P10 warranty protection

In the event you experience trouble with your ACUSON P10 system, start your service evaluation by first reviewing the ACUSON P10 system Troubleshooting Guide online. This guide is intended to help you quickly diagnose and resolve basic technical issues.

ACUSON P10 System Troubleshooting Guide

Next Level Support
If recommendations in the Troubleshooting Guide do not help you resolve the technical issue affecting your ACUSON P10™ system, contact the Siemens UPTIME Support Center in your local region.

United States: +1 (800) 888 7436
Europe: + 49 (9131) 940 4000
Asia Pacific: +86 (21) 38 11 21 21