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as of: December 2012, Version 1.0


1. Scope


1.1 These Special Terms of Use, together with and in addition to the Terms of Use, govern the relationship between Siemens and the relevant user of the “Siemens Healthcare User Forum” platform (hereinafter referred to as “You”). Certain individual user groups within the Siemens Healthcare User Forum can be governed by additional terms which will be made available to You when applying for access to the relevant user group.

1.2 These Terms of Use might be changed from time to time. You will be notified ac-cordingly and asked to accept the new Terms of Use. If You do not accept the changed Terms of Use, Siemens may terminate Your membership.

2. Service provider and contact information

The Siemens Healthcare User Forum is provided by Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin and Munich, Germany (view full corporate in formation here).

3. Registration, Membership and User Groups

3.1 The Siemens Healthcare User Forum is an access-restricted, international, free-of-charge community intended to primarily give Siemens customers and interested healthcare professionals the opportunity to find, discuss and share information on the clinical usage and optimization of care with Siemens Healthcare systems and applica-tions. It is not intended for the general public or for consumers.

3.2 By applying for registration, You confirm:-

  • that You will use the Healthcare User Forum as part of your profession and not as a consumer and/or part of the general public;
  • that You have read and understood these Special Terms of Use;
  • that You accept the Terms of Use and these Special Terms of Use.


3.3 If Siemens approves your application, You will become a user of the Siemens Healthcare User Forum, and You may register for one or more user groups within the Siemens Healthcare User Forum.

3.4 If You have successfully registered for a user group, You may read and engage in expert discussions on a specific, pre-defined topic by posting and commenting online in compliance with the following rules.

3.5 Unless explicitly stated, posts and comments do not reflect Siemens’ opinion, and Siemens does not accept any liability for posts and comments by You or another user of the Siemens Healthcare User Forum.


4. Rules of Communication

4.1 Using the Siemens Healthcare User Forum requires all users to communicate with mutual respect and in compliance with the laws applicable to You.

4.2 As the Siemens Healthcare User Forum is open for various users, Siemens can-not monitor the content that users post when using the Healthcare User Forum. How-ever, Siemens reserves the right to delete any content generated by You or any other user.

4.3 You are fully responsible for any post, messages or other information posted by You in a user group. You agree to indemnify Siemens from all claims, costs and ex-penses (including legal expenses) arising from any post, message or other information posted by You in a user group.

4.4 When using the Healthcare User Forum You must not, for example:-

  • post any illegal content;
  • post any information You are not allowed to disclose;
  • post any identifiable patient information
  • misrepresent Your relationship with Siemens and the Siemens Healthcare User Forum or present false information about Siemens and the Siemens Healthcare User Forum;
  • post and/or send any message containing any form of advertising or promo-tion for goods and services;
  • post and/or send any message which is not related to the topic of the relevant user group;


4.5 When using the Healthcare User Forum You must, for example:

  • follow the instructions of the group moderator;
  • comment in a way which is in compliance with the intended use of the rele-vant device;
  • report any misuse to Siemens using the following email address:

5. Grant of Rights of Use

Siemens is free to use comments, posts or other information provided by You via the Healthcare User Forum. By posting such information on the Healthcare User Forum, You grant Siemens a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to repro-duce, modify, translate, make available, distribute and sub-license the relevant informa-tion in whole or in part and in any form or media. Such information includes personal in-formation such as the user name and/or alias, picture(s) and the user’s expression of opinion. 


6. Privacy Policy and Data Protection

The Privacy Policy applies.




Special Terms of Use
User Group „Artis zeego Club“ of the Siemens Healthcare User Forum

1. Description of the User Group

The Artis zeego Club is a platform for users of a Siemens “Artis zeego” system where users can exchange experiences made when using the Artis zeego system. The user group is not open for any other users.


2. Membership

By applying for membership in the Artis zeego Club, You confirm:

  • that You are a healthcare professional, and
  • that, as part of your profession, You operate a Siemens “Artis zeego” system.