Clinical Laboratory Consulting Solutions
Identifying the specific processes and improvements ideal for your laboratory environment

Clinical Laboratory Consulting Solutions
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We Are Constantly Innovating Solutions for Post Installation-Process Stabilization and Integration
Our ability to draw from Siemens’ enterprise knowledge and experience helps to support you in planning a customized solution that meets your clinical requirements. Our partnership continues after the sale, and once your solution is installed, we help you to fully realize productivity improvements by understanding your laboratory’s specific opportunities.

Instrument Simulation Modeling
Using state-of-the-art computer modeling, Siemens experts examine laboratory information system (LIS) data and complete a quantitative assessment of your laboratory system capabilities. Our experts customize approaches that meet your site-specific production and turnaround time (TAT) needs, addressing requirements for today and expected future growth.

Getting you started is just the beginning of our partnership. Throughout the system’s lifecycle, the Siemens HCS team provides our outcomes assessement service. After the initial outcomes assessment and any required adjustments, outcomes assessments typically are performed annually, although they may be conducted more frequently if necessary.

The HCS manager collects log and middleware files over 2–3 days. We analyze system performance data and identify opportunities for improvement. We believe that the deep understanding of laboratory performance provided by these outcomes assessments brings peace of mind to the laboratory and strengthens a true partnership with Siemens.

To engage Siemens Healthcare Consulting Solutions, ask your local Siemens Sales Rep for an initial consultation.

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