Implementation & Site Planning

Siemens Solutions Implementation
The Siemens Solutions Implementation group is dedicated to providing collaborative value-added solutions that are associated with the planning and implementation of your medical imaging equipment. We are committed to working with you and your team toward the successful planning and installation of your equipment - on time and on budget. Our services include the following:

  • Project management of Siemens equipment
  • Site planning/architectural guidance
  • Network consultation and planning
  • Technical solutions
  • Installation
  • Rigging
  • Vendor relations and OEM component coordination 

Solutions Implementation is guided by a set of quality focused and controlled steps implemented through each phase of your project. We call it our "Core Process," and it creates accountability and ensures effective implementation results.

Project Management
When your partnership begins with Siemens, you are assigned a project manager (PM), your single point of contact for implementation services. Our PMs, 90% of whom are PMI certified, are geographically located throughout the U.S. to ensure continuity of services and knowledge of your environment for the long term.


Your assigned PM will help ensure that the scheduling, site preparation, construction, factory production, rigging, and installation are performed in a timely manner and on budget. We work together with you and your team to define goals, objectives, and timelines in order to optimize your installation process and results. 

Your PM will be supported by a core group that specializes in the following areas:


Site Planning
Siemens Site Planning provides site preparation specifications, installation requirements, facility space allocation, and construction requirements utilizing the following tools: 

  • Cut-sheets and typical site preparation drawings
  • A site-specific preliminary equipment plan based on your specific equipment selection
  • Consultation for spatial design modifications to improve functionality and required operating clearances
  • Site-specific final drawings detailing all preparation requirements that will be provided prior to delivery of your equipment



Product NameTypical (Dwg)Typical (zip)Typical (pdf)Cut Sheet (pdf)3D 
Artis One140461404614046Cutsheet-14046  
Q-Q.zen-Zee Biplane Angio080010800108001Cutsheet-08001Angio-WMVPPT
Q-Q.zen-Zee Biplane Cardio080020800208002Cutsheet-08002Cardio-WMVPPT
Q-Q.zen-Zee Ceiling080000800008000Cutsheet-08000Angio-WMV   Cardio-WMVAngio-PPT   Cardio-PPT
Q-Q.zen-Zee Floor080030800308003Cutsheet-08003  
Zee Biplane Magnetic Navigation090200902009020Cutsheet-09020Angio-WMV   Cardio-WMVPPT
Zee Floor Magnetic Navigation090190901909019Cutsheet-09019  
Zee Multi-purpose080040800408004Cutsheet-08004  
Artis Pheno160551605516055Cutsheet-16055  


Computed Tomography

Product NameTypical (Dwg)Typical (zip)Typical (pdf)Cut Sheet (pdf)3D
SOMATOM Definition061230612306123Cutsheet-06123 
SOMATOM Definition Flash080130801308013Cutsheet-08013 
SOMATOM Definition AS 20-40-64-128-Open080060800608006Cutsheet-08006 
SOMATOM Emotion 6-16 (2007)071300713007130Cutsheet-07130 
SOMATOM Definition Edge120321203212032Cutsheet-12032 
SOMATOM Perspective120331203312033Cutsheet-12033 
SOMATOM Definition AS-Edge Sliding Gantry130361303613036N/A 
SOMATOM Force130451304513045Cutsheet-13045 
SOMATOM Scope140481404814048Cutsheet-14048 
SOMATOM Drive160541605416054Cutsheet-16054 
SOMATOM Confidence170561705617056Cutsheet-17056 
SOMATOM Go.Up  170621706217062Cutsheet-17062 
SOMATOM Go.Now 170631706317063Cutsheet-17063 
SOMATOM Go.All180691806918069Cutsheet-18069 
SOMATOM Go.Top 180681806818068Cutsheet-18068 
SOMATOM Edge-Plus180711807118071Cutsheet-18071 


Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MAGNETOM Sola XQ Gradients

Product NameTypical (Dwg)Typical (zip)Typical (pdf)Cut Sheet (pdf)3D
MAGNETOM Harmony Mobile980209802098020NA 
MAGNETOM Symphony980029800298002Cutsheet-98002 
MAGNETOM Symphony Mobile980209802098020NA 
MAGNETOM Avanto030930309303093Cutsheet-03093 
MAGNETOM Avanto Mobile061210612106121NA 
MAGNETOM C!041020410204102Cutsheet-04102 
MAGNETOM Espree041030410304103Cutsheet-04103 
MAGNETOM TaTS051110511105111Cutsheet-05111 
MAGNETOM Espree Mobile071320713207132NA 
MAGNETOM Essenza071340713407134Cutsheet-07134 
MAGNETOM Verio071370713707137Cutsheet-07137 
MAGNETOM Skyra100241002410024Cutsheet-10024 
Biograph mMR110291102911029Cutsheet-11029 
MAGNETOM Spectra120351203512035Cutsheet-12035 
Avanto FIT upgrade130381303813038NA 
Skyra FIT upgrade130391303913039NA 
Prisma FIT upgrade130401304013040NA 
MAGNETOM Prisma130431304313043Cutsheet-13043 
Symphony TIM upgrade130441304413044upgrade assist 
 MAGNETOM Amira 16053 16053 16053 Cutsheet-16053 
MAGNETOM Aera XJ Gradients170571705717057Cutsheet-17057 
MAGNETOM Aera XQ Gradients170581705817058Cutsheet-17058 
MAGNETOM Terra170661706617066Cutsheet-17066 
MAGNETOM Vida XQ Gradients170641706417064Cutsheet-17064 
MAGNETOM Vida XT Gradients170651706517065Cutsheet-17065 
MAGNETOM Sola XJ Gradients1806618066 18066 Cutsheet-18066  
MAGNETOM Sola XQ Gradients180671806718067Cutsheet-18067  
MAGNETOM Altea190731907319073Cutsheet-19073 
MAGNETOM Lumina19074 19074 19074 Cutsheet-19074 


Oncology Care Systems

Fluoroscopy and Radiography

Product Name
Cut Sheet
Luminos Agile/Luminos Agile Max110281102811028Cutsheet-11028 
Luminos dRF/Luminos dRF Max080150801508015 Cutsheet-08015 
Multix Fusion-Analog120311203112031Cutsheet-12031 
Multix Fusion-Digital/Multix Fusion Max120341203412034Cutsheet-12034 
Multix Select DR140481404814048Cutsheet-14048 
Ysio/Ysio Max080100801008010Cutsheet-08010 
Multitom Rax160011600116001Cutsheet-16001 
Multix Impact190011900119001Cutsheet-19001 



Molecular Imaging

Product NameTypical (Dwg)Typical (zip)Typical (pdf)
Cut Sheet (pdf)3D
Biograph mCT Flow and Biograph mCT130371303713037Cutsheet-13037 
Biograph TruePoint 6071400714007140Cutsheet-07140 
Biograph TruePoint 6 with PDU Option080110801108011Cutsheet-08011 
Biograph TruePoint 6 Mobile080120801208012NA 
Biograph TruePoint 16090170901709017Cutsheet-09017 
Biograph TruePoint 16 with PDU Option090180901809018Cutsheet-09018 
Biograph TruePoint 64061130611306113Cutsheet-06113 
Biograph TruePoint 64 with PDU Option071280712807128Cutsheet-07128 
Extended Gantry E.cam020670206702067Cutsheet-02067 
Symbia E071360713607136Cutsheet-07136 
Symbia S061120611206112Cutsheet-06112 
Symbia T, T2, T6 and T16130421304213042Cutsheet-13042 
Symbia Intevo Excel, 2, 6, 16 and Bold130411304113041Cutsheet-13041 
Symbia Evo Excel140491404914049Cutsheet-14049 
Symbia Evo150511505115051Cutsheet-15051 
Biograph Truepoint 16 Mobile100251002510025NA 
Biograph Hi REZ Mobile071310713107131NA 
Biograph 6040960409604096Cutsheet-04096 
Biograph Sensation 16030910309103091Cutsheet-03091 
Biograph mCT Flow and Biograph mCT Mobile150501505015050NA 
Biograph Horizon150521505215052Cutsheet-15052 
Biograph Horizon Mobile170591705917059NA 
Biograph Vision 180701807018070Cutsheet-18070  


Special Systems (Mammography, Urology, Lithotripsy)

Product NameTypical (Dwg)Typical (zip)Typical (pdf)Cut Sheet (pdf)3D
UROSKOP Omnia/Omnia Max100261002610026Cutsheet-10026 
Mammomat Revelation 180721807218072Cutsheet-18072 



Product NameTypical (Dwg)Typical (zip)Typical (pdf)Cut Sheet (pdf)3D
S2000 ABVS090220902209022Cutsheet-09022 

To view an MRI Video, click on the appropriate link below:

Network Planning
Siemens Network Planning provides you with the benefit of their expertise in: 

  • Network topologies
  • Network technical specifications for site implementation
  • Network assessments to determine the procedure volume for potential impacts to network bandwidth, pre-fetch, and backup requirements

Order Management
Siemens Order Management works to ensure production schedules meet the requirements of your project and includes support of OEM orders through your Siemens contract.

Technical Solutions through the Regional Support Center
Siemens Technical Solutions group will work with your project manager to solve any technical problems arising throughout your implementation. This team consists of specialized modality engineers, installation service engineers, clinical education specialists, Siemens factories, and preferred vendors to ensure quick, reliable, and lasting technical solutions.

Siemens is pleased to provide a number of site planning documents for general information purposes. Given the dynamic nature of the technologies and innovations for medical imaging, Siemens makes reasonable efforts to update this information on a regular basis. Siemens, however, reserves the right to modify its products' specifications at any time without advanced notice. Documents and references which are printed from this site become uncontrolled documents. Note also that cut-sheets and typical documents are not site-specific and should not be used for actual construction purposes. Siemens accepts no liability or responsibility for any damages or costs due to the use of this information contained within. Federal, state and/or local requirements may impact the final placement of equipment, and it’s the responsibility of the customer and architect to ensure all regulations and codes are met. Please work with your Siemens project manager for your site-specific requirements.