Natural, Real 3D ImagingMultitom Rax. Move beyond traditional X-ray.

The human anatomy looks different under natural weight-bearing conditions.

For the first time, see what you couldn’t see before with Multitom Rax. It’s the world’s first X-ray scanner to produce real 3D images under natural weight-bearing conditions. 

-  Examine patients in the natural positions that
   cause them pain – lying, sitting and standing
-  Eliminate the need to artificially simulate the
   pressure and impact of weight
-  See 3D images of the C-spine, L-spine, sinuses,
   hips, and more
-  Get access to real 3D with axial and sagittal

Multitom Rax - a smarter way to sharper images in orthopedics, sports medicine, spine and more.

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