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Unlock the image. Open the door to advances in RT.Bring together today's images to empower tomorrow's possibilities with syngo.via RT Image Suite

The art of treating cancer has become increasingly complex. As an RT professional, you are often confronted with a wide range of imaging information—but your department may lack a comprehensive solution to connect these data and capitalize on the insight they provide. Enter syngo®.via RT Image Suite, an intuitive platform designed to enhance your workflow now and into the future. There is powerful information in your imaging data. Unlock it and open the door to advances in RT. 

Features & Benefits

Drive improved outcomes through a clear and comprehensive view of your patient

Radiation Therapy clinics are striving to provide high-quality individualized care. A wide variety of images – 3D/4D CT, MR and PET – acts as a basis for treatment decisions, and therefore have the potential to optimize the outcomes for each patient. Unfortunately, many existing tools such as treatment planning systems and virtual simulation solutions have not been specifically designed to manage the increasing diversity and volume of images in RT.

syngo.via RT Image Suite has been designed to fulfill this need. It displays clinical images in the proven syngo quality and allows the concurrent display of up to 8 image series1 on up to 2 monitors1. Rigid and Deformable1 Registration enables confidence when using images such as MR and PET, even when these were not acquired in the treatment position.

By providing Radiation Oncologists with a clear and comprehensive view of their patients, clinicians are empowered with a solution that results in easier and more intuitive clinical decision-making.

Increase process efficiency with an elegant and easy-to-use contouring solution designed for Radiation Oncologists

Many Radiation Therapy clinics are forced to meet increasingly high quality demands while providing care to more and more patients despite cuts in budget and staffing. Achieving these objectives requires clinicians to become more efficient than ever.

syngo.via RT Image Suite is an easy-to-use software solution that helps clinicians to efficiently contour both routine and advanced cases. A set of modern tools support fast MR, and PET delineation. From simple image and structure import and export, to semi-automatic contour propagation over breathing phases2 or contouring in any orientation and any displayed image, syngo.via RT Image Suite offers a broad range of features that support you in achieving high-quality results efficiently.

Enable image-based care pathways to expand your clinical capabilities


Clinical teams continually strive to advance their capabilities and require tools that enable them to achieve this objective. Imaging is a determining factor in achieving optimal results, whether it is when planning the treatment of a recurrence, adapting strategies during treatment, monitoring therapies, or for investigating the added value of functional imaging. However, this can be challenging due to the lack of adequate tools.


syngo.via RT Image Suite enables you to integrate imaging into your daily clinical and research practices. With a wide range of applications from advanced segmentation features such as contour warping, to Advanced Visualization1 with a client-server architecture that facilitates collaboration, syngo.via RT Image Suite offers the tools to support you and your team in advancing your clinical practice.


Virtual Simulation with Multimodality Imaging
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