At TCT 2018, Siemens Healthineers showcases advancements in both in vivo and in vitro cardiovascular solutions

San Diego, CA|09/21/2018

• First-to-market debut of ACUSON AcuNav Volume ICE catheter1 provides real-time volumetric assessment of intracardiac anatomy with increased field of view
• Siemens Healthineers-sponsored Interventional Imaging and Endovascular Pavilions offer hands-on learning opportunities for over 500 physicians
• High-Sensitivity Troponin I assays1 can detect lower levels of troponin compared to conventional assays

At the 2018 Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics (TCT) conference, Siemens Healthineers underscores its commitment to innovative cardiovascular solutions by showcasing new products that span the continuum of care in cardiology. Introducing solutions in both the laboratory and imaging spaces, Siemens Healthineers helps enable health providers to transform cardiovascular care delivery across the hospital with its debut of a new ultrasound real-time ICE catheter and High-Sensitivity Troponin I assays. Siemens Healthineers is also a sponsor of the Interventional Imaging and Endovascular Pavilions at TCT, supplying hands-on workshops and simulations for continuing education.

“As exhibited by our solutions presented at TCT, Siemens Healthineers supports our customers in providing the best possible care for their patients throughout the cardiovascular clinical pathway,” says David Pacitti, President and Head of the Americas for Siemens Healthineers. “Siemens Healthineers aids in the transformation of care delivery by helping clinicians detect heart attacks faster with our new laboratory diagnostics test and helps to improve the patient experience by offering safer, shorter procedures enabled by our new real-time volumetric ICE catheter.”

ACUSON AcuNav Volume ICE catheter helps improve structural heart procedures
With its new ACUSON AcuNav Volume catheter,1 Siemens Healthineers is the first to market a real-time volume ICE catheter designed to meet the needs of structural heart interventionalists in the tradition of the groundbreaking ACUSON AcuNav family of catheters. By increasing to 90 x 50 degrees field of view, the new real-time volume ICE catheter provides complete visualization of heart valves, important for successful valve repair or replacement procedures. Along with the established capabilities and benefits of intracardiac echocardiography, such as reducing dose by requiring less fluoroscopy, real-time volume ICE offers clinicians a more flexible approach to sedation. Clinicians can use conscious sedation with the ACUSON AcuNav Volume ICE catheter as opposed to general anesthesia, supporting safer and more efficient procedures, improved patient recovery, and increased patient throughput. The ACUSON AcuNav Volume ICE catheter is available exclusively on the ACUSON SC2000 PRIME ultrasound system, a complete structural heart disease solution delivering advanced visualization and AI-powered quantification in 2D and 3D TTE, TEE, and ICE.

Interventional Imaging and Endovascular Pavilions offers educational opportunities
Siemens Healthineers will sponsor training for over 500 physicians at the TCT Interventional Imaging and Endovascular Pavilions. These interactive training workshops at the conference enable participants to experience practical, interactive education and training to be applied to their structural heart, complex PCI, and endovascular procedures. Workshop schedules can be found on the TCT website.

High-Sensitivity Troponin I assays help diagnose life-threatening heart attacks
Siemens Healthineers has recently launched two assays that offer unparalleled precision to help clinicians diagnose a life-threatening myocardial infarction. High-Sensitivity Troponin I assays (TnIH)1 for the Atellica IM and ADVIA Centaur XP/XPT in vitro diagnostic analyzers test troponin levels, which indicate damage to the heart muscle, with greater assay precision to measure slight, yet critical, changes so physicians can properly triage patients presenting with symptoms. As High-Sensitivity Troponin I assays are designed to detect an early release of cTnl, physicians may be able to diagnose myocardial infarction earlier in the course of care. These TnIH assays meet the latest industry guidelines.

For more information on the cardiovascular solution offerings of Siemens Healthineers, visit TCT Booth #329.

1 Product availability may vary from country to country and is subject to varying regulatory requirements. Please contact your local representative for availability.

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