Customer Education Network Support

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics’ commitment to your success extends beyond our blood gas tests and instrumentation. We provide you with access to our dedicated and highly specialized team of support personnel and provide services that no one else in the industry offers.

Network Support Video

Our Customer Education Specialists and Network Support Specialists will partner with you over the long term so that you get the most out of your new Siemens instrumentation. This expert team will ensure that you are properly trained to operate our products, manage the data, and provide the best care for your patients, while being inspection ready at a moments notice.

Your Customer Education Specialist will deliver on site instrument training for your key operators and provide them with a Blood Gas Implementation manual, at no extra cost. This comprehensive manual contains all of the tools you could possibly need to ensure success with your instrument.

Our Network Support Specialists also work closely with your hospital IT department to ensure seamless integration with your LIS system and Siemens RAPIDComm® Data Management System. A fully operational analyzer ensures there are no lost billing opportunities.

  • Healthcare professionals with diverse clinical experience
  • Expertise in optimizing workflow
  • Training includes valuable integration of instrumentation into your routine
  • Expert advice to help improve the service you provide to your clinical staff
  • Trained Adult Educators

The program begins with a needs assessment and workflow analysis. Once accepted, you receive an implementation plan that includes:

  • A training schedule that meets your needs
  • A technical document for information management installation
  • Training forms for each staff member


Our team is trained to be an expert resource for all phases of implementation, including:

  • Cross over studies
  • Information Management/ regulatory requirements
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance
  • Analyte Performance and Verification


Once completed, training contracts can be established for future needs that can include:

  • Additional training for new, inexperienced employees
  • Regulatory expertise
  • Preparing for an inspection
  • Workflow changes