BN II System
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BN II System
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As the first dedicated protein analyzer that can be connected to lab automation, the BN™ II System provides flexible options to meet the needs of the mid- to high-volume plasma protein lab. It uses nephelometric technology for protein determination and supports the clinical management of a variety of disease states, such as gammopathies, kidney diseases, neurology, and chronic alcohol abuse.

Increased workflow efficiency:

  • Fully automated assay processing: from reading of sample tube bar codes to reporting of results
  • Average throughput up to 130 tests per hour*, and its high onboard capacity of up to 100 samples and 35 reagents provides a walkaway time of more than 2 hours
  • Wide measuring ranges enable fewer repeats
  • User-friendly software facilitates easy operation
  • Bidirectional host interface for convenient transfer of assay requests and results to the laboratory information system (LIS)

Flexible, efficient operation

  • Continuous loading and reloading of samples and/or reagents without interrupting the system’s current workload
  • Random-access processing eliminates sample batching
  • Accommodates standard sample tubes as well as micro cups for low-volume samples, such as samples from pediatric patients

Confident, consistent results

  • Confidence in results when analyzing samples with extremely high analytical concentrations
  • Optimized reaction conditions and assay-specific, automated pre-reaction protocols ensure valid results without operator intervention
  • Specimen level detection and positive barcode identification for samples, reagents, standards and controls to reduce human error

Improved workflow efficiency through automation

  • Ability to connect to Aptio® Automation and FlexLab Automation solutions
  • Interface module transfers sample tubes from the track into the BN II racks and pushes the racks onboard the analyzer
  • Reduces manual interaction
  • Extends walkaway capability
  • Continuous access to reagents and consumables
  • Enables manual loading of specialty samples, when needed

Innovative assay menu

  • Broad menu available from one source; over 60 assay protocols for management of various clinical indications
  • Routine and specialty assay consolidation
  • Innovative markers including monoclonal kappa and lambda free light chains (FLC), cystatin C, beta-trace protein (BTP), and carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (CDT)

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*Depending on the assay mix
**PROTIS Data Management System and PROTIS Assessment Software are not available for sale in the U.S.