N Latex CDT Assay
Highly specific screening for detection of chronic alcohol abuse

N Latex CDT Assay
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Assay principleLatex-enhanced immunonephelometry
Sample typeHuman serum
Measuring time18 minutes
Reference range28.1–76 mg/L (1.19–2.47% CDT)*
Initial measuring range20–660 mg/L
Once-opened reagent stability2 weeks on BN ProSpec® System
3 days (6 days with evaporation stoppers) on BN™ II System
Calibration frequency2 weeks
PrecisionRepeatability: <4.5%
Within-lab: <2.0%

*%CDT results determined with N Latex CDT assay in concurrence with N antiserum to human transferrin (1st to 99th percentile)

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