IgG Subclass 1–4 Immunoassays
The Comprehensive Solution for IgG Determination

IgG Subclass 1–4 Immunoassays
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Comprehensive solution for IgG determination from one source

  • Obtain reagents, supplementary reagents, analyzers, and service from one source
  • Reduce costs through a highly flexible and reagent-independent packaging concept: All components can be ordered separately, which helps to minimize waste and ensure supply of standard and controls.

Antigen-excess security for more accurate results

  • Feel more confident through detection of high-dose hook effects.
  • Improve cost-effectiveness due to fewer retests.

Precise results you can trust

  • Because IgG3 and IgG4 levels can dramatically rise in affected patients, a special cleaner solution is used to prevent carryover into the next sample measurement.

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