Siemens Announces FDA Clearance of Ysio Max Digital Radiography System


Next-generation DR system helps optimize clinical workflow across multiple systems with new detectors and software enhancements

Siemens Healthcare has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently granted 510(k) clearance to the Ysio Max, an innovative new digital radiography (DR) system offering Multiple Advances in X-ray (MAX) – including time-saving user support features and new X-ray detectors – to enable outstanding image quality in the shortest amount of time possible.

MAX assistance

The Ysio Max DR system possesses features that collectively support the user much like a personal intelligent assistant, working proactively with the user to help achieve the best possible image. For example, the MAXalign feature displays the current detector angle on the system’s MAXtouch display screen, eliminating guesswork regarding the angle of the X-ray tube. With MAXalign, users can simply align the X-ray tube according to the detector angle shown on the screen for enhanced exam quality and consistency. In this way, MAXalign helps the technologist reduce repeat exposures – saving time and resources for the health care organization as well as dose for patients.

The MAXtouch feature of the Ysio Max provides all necessary information regarding the exam on a large, intuitive color touchscreen, allowing users to quickly change all key image parameters directly on the tube. MAXtouch also generates status messages, providing guidance for the technologist and helping to increase safety by reducing the amount of time a patient spends alone in the treatment room.

MAX detection

The Ysio Max DR system also offers three new, specialized system detectors as well as broad functionality to maximize performance throughout the radiology department. The new MAX wi-D detector is Siemens’ lightest 14x17” wireless detector with a handle; it weighs 6.6 lbs. and is only .7” thick to help improve utilization for technologists. The new MAX Mini, a 10x14” wireless detector weighing just 3.5 lbs. and with a thickness of only 0.6”, is designed for orthopedics, pediatrics, and trauma exams. The new 17x17” MAX static detector covers virtually every patient type and is ideal for most exams.

The Maxswap feature of the Ysio Max enables use of the MAX wi-D and MAX mini detectors with multiple other Siemens radiography, fluoroscopy and urology systems – including the Luminos dRF Max, Luminos Agile Max, and UROSKOP Omnia Max systems – to maximize efficiency. Maxswap allows the user to add more detectors to accommodate the growing and changing needs of the health care organization.

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