At ASTRO, Siemens Healthineers Debuts RT Pro Edition of MAGNETOM Vida for MRI Radiation Therapy Planning


• New 3T MRI scanner offers intuitive, dedicated RT workflows and enables consistent patient scanning in treatment position


At the 59th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), Sept. 24-27 at the San Diego Convention Center, Siemens Healthineers debuts the MAGNETOM RT Pro edition for MAGNETOM Vida – a version of the company’s new 3 Tesla (3T) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner that is designed for radiation therapy (RT) planning. The scanner features the new BioMatrix Technology, which overcomes unwanted variability by addressing the inherent anatomical and physiological differences of patients. It includes a comprehensive package of hardware and software that supports optimal treatment planning. With technology such as the MAGNETOM RT Pro edition for MAGNETOM Vida, as well as a new name that underlines the company’s pioneering spirit and engineering expertise, Siemens Healthineers – the separately managed healthcare business of Siemens AG – helps healthcare providers worldwide meet current challenges and excel in their respective environments.


In addition to an all-new magnet, the MAGNETOM RT Pro edition for MAGNETOM Vida features a new system architecture designed for extremely high performance and long-term stability. This system architecture includes an optional 60/200 XT gradient system that has the potential to reduce geometric distortion. And the scanner’s 55x55x50 field of view (FOV) enables coverage of larger body regions in a single step.


Additionally, the scanner’s RT Dot Engine provides a comprehensive set of MR protocols that enable accurate, reproducible coordinates and slice orientations. The RT Dot engine predefines RT strategies, automatically corrects for image distortion to improve spatial integrity, and automatically reconstructs axial images to enable direct processing of all data in RT planning software. It also provides laser quality assurance to maintain a high level of accuracy in patient positioning.


Additionally, the scanner’s RESOLVE software reduces distortions associated with MR diffusion by a factor of three, helping to ensure accurate dose planning for the linear accelerator. RESOLVE also enables delivery of sharp images at a higher spatial resolution.


“With the introduction of the MAGNETOM RT Pro edition for MAGNETOM Vida, Siemens Healthineers sets the standard for magnetic resonance imaging in radiation therapy, offering features that deliver robust, reproducible MR images to support optimal patient treatment planning,” said Hanno Doetzel, Vice President of Radiation Oncology at Siemens Healthineers North America.



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