E-mail Policyeffective November 25, 2008

Anti-Spam Policy

Siemens Medical Solutions USA believes and practices permission-based email marketing. Further, Siemens Medical Solutions USA has contractually committed to the vendor of our email marketing tool that we will practice only permission-based email marketing with that tool, specifically that we will only use that tool to send emails to customers and prospects that have directly consented to receive marketing email from us ("opt-in"). We are forbidden to transmit unsolicited commercial email (spam) via that system.

We have agreed not to use that system to send unsolicited marketing email. For any optin list of email addresses used in our system, we (and potentially that vendor) will be tracking the source of the email addresses, the method used to capture the data, and verification of the consent to receive emails from Siemens Medical Solutions USA. We will respect our customers’ time and attention by controlling the frequency of mailings to individual email addresses.

We have also committed to our vendor that we will not use rented or purchased lists, email append lists, or any other list that contains email addresses captured in any other method than opt-in. The use of opt-out lists is prohibited in our vendor’s system and is not to be done by Siemens Medical Solutions USA. We retain the right to review lists and emails to verify that our internal clients are abiding by the privacy and permission policies set forth herein. However, our internal clients are ultimately responsible for compliance with Siemens Medical Solutions USA policies.

Customer Non-Marketing Email Communications Policy

Siemens Medical Solutions USA intends to send non-marketing emails such as account notices, product updates, and also user conferences and educational offerings that are directly related to Siemens product and services with the goal of improving the end user’s operation of such products. The customer and the associated domain or organization identified with a purchase and/or installed product may be contacted with such non-marketing emails. These emails are solely to provide support to the Siemens customer and are not associated with any marketing-related efforts to initiate or sell additional products. Non-marketing emails may have limited copy that presents the customer with the opportunity to opt-in to marketing related emails. Customer data may be utilized to periodically contact customers to solicit opt-in status for Siemens electronic news and information, in addition to marketing-related emails.

Why did a customer or prospect receive a marketing email from our system?
Our customers and prospects should know that if they received a marketing email from us, it is because they have opted-in to receive information from Siemens Medical Solutions USA. We promise to protect our customers’ and prospects’ email addresses as described in more detail in our official Privacy Policy.

How does a customer or prospect get off an email list?
Each marketing email sent to our customers and prospects is to contain a link that allows subscribers to unsubscribe from receiving emails. Customers and prospects may also forward a copy of any unwanted email with their comments to siemensmedicalsolutionsusa.med@siemens.com.

Siemens Medical Solutions USA Anti-spam Policy is driven by three factors:

1. Results. Email marketing is most effective when messages are anticipated, personal, and relevant. Sending unsolicited email reduces deliverability and ROI.

2. Reputation. Inappropriate use of email generates customer complaints and will damage our reputation and brand.

3. Legal Environment. The federal CAN-SPAM Act, which took effect on January 1, 2004, prohibits, among other things, the sending of commercial email without a working unsubscribe function, email without the valid physical postal address of the sender, as well as fraudulent or misleading email or subject lines. Also, the Act provides for fines and jail time for email address harvesting or dictionary attacks.

If you have any questions about Siemens Medical Solutions USA Anti-Spam Policy, please contact us at 888-826-9702 or email us at siemensmedicalsolutionsusa.med@siemens.com.