AXIOM Innovations - November 2010

Siemens Healthcare |  Nov 01, 2010

As a pioneer and leader in healthcare innovation, we always strive to develop the best possible products in medical imaging. With an eye on recent market trends and topics in the medical community, we are aware that radiation dose reduction and protection from radiation dose has recently triggered many public discussions, predominantly in the U.S. but also in other countries around the world. Siemens has a strong legacy in dose- reducing technologies. As you know, a fundamental focus of our R&D has been to reduce dose without compromising image quality. This is especially relevant in interventional imaging where dose reduction for clinical personnel and the patient during procedures is of great importance. We are therefore happy that our well-known CARE package (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure) is now standard with every Artis zee interventional imaging system delivered. While saving dose on the one hand, we do keep image quality at a very high level to ensure diagnostic and therapeutic confidence. The new CLEAR program, including a new X-ray tube, greatly enhances fluoroscopy and acquisition image quality by reducing noise and motion artefacts.

Learn more about our dose-saving features, image quality and many other innovative topics in this issue of AXIOM Innovations.