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Virtual SNMMI Mid-Winter and ACNM Annual Meeting|Virtual Symposium and Booth|Jan 28 - 31, 2021
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On-demand Webinar: Expanded SPECT/CT Integration into Clinical Nuclear Medicine

SNMMI Mid-Winter Meeting Satellite Symposium
Speaker: Kathryn Morton, M.D. Professor, University of Utah Chief, Nuclear Medicine Section Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences
Symposium title: Expanded SPECT/CT integration into clinical nuclear medicine
Summary:The availability of high-quality SPECT/CT has greatly expanded the diagnostic value of nuclear medicine and has provided opportunities for improved therapeutic planning. SPECT/CT can be applied to almost any nuclear medicine imaging study with a resultant improvement in definitive interpretative assessment and precise anatomic relevance. The goal of the symposium is to comprehensively profile the current and potential role of SPECT/CT for many nuclear medicine applications, including those where SPECT/CT has not played a traditional role.

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