siemens healthineers at rsna 2020

Siemens Healthineers at RSNA 2020Shaping the Future of Healthcare

We believe that delivering high value care rests on four essential strategies: expanding precision medicine; transforming care delivery; improving patient experience; and digitalizing healthcare. Through the SHAPE 21 RSNA Experience, we will share important new breakthroughs that give life to these four strategies.

 A particular focus this year is on access to care, and digitalization. We believe these are two of the more pressing issues facing providers worldwide – and we are confident that the breakthroughs we introduce to the Radiology community will play an important role in addressing these challenges in the years ahead.

Discover how we will help to break down barriers, redefining accessibility, infrastructure and the operation of MRI, we provide greater access to the latest companions – our digital radiology assistants in X-ray and see our solutions that revolutionize clinical decision making, leveraging AI to change the way data is used, and make it possible for healthcare providers to transform data to actionable insights.

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