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Precision at the Speed of Life
The ACUSON SC2000 PRIME ultrasound system offers outstanding image quality without compromise and helps increase productivity with one-click measurements, automated protocols and navigational tools. It is a versatile system for your cardiovascular needs, providing the precision and speed clinicians require today.

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ACUSON P500 ICE Edition

The ACUSON P500 Intracardiac Echocardiography Edition integrates the imaging capabilities of Siemens Healthineers ACUSON AcuNav™ Volume ICE ultrasound catheter technologies with the ACUSON P500 ultrasound system to provide real-time visualization of cardiac anatomy.

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Visualization of the LA
Visualization of the LA

Time savings with 3D performance supporting atrial fibrillation treatment

syngo® Electrophysiology Guidance optimizes your EP workflow by integrating preprocedural cardiac CT/MR images or intraprocedural syngo DynaCT Cardiac images into your daily routine. While performing ablations syngo Electrophysiology Guidance improves and speeds up your examinations and provides images for planning, therapy, and follow-up of AFib ablation procedures.

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