Siemens at asm2014–Booth #701

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Siemens at asm2014–Booth #701
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Visit our booth and learn more about customized solutions ranging from Microbiology Automation to Microbiology IT to Molecular Diagnostics.


Microbiology Automation

Copan WASP® Walk Away Specimen Processor*
Bring comprehensive, customizable automated specimen processing solutions to your laboratory to optimize pre-analytical productivity

  • Plants and streaks liquid-based specimens to culture media
  • Fully automates Gram stain slide preparation and enrichment broth inoculation, exclusive to WASP
  • Supports classical streaking methods to automate existing protocols without the need for re-training
  • Verifies sample and transfer to plates for improved quality
  • Adapts to changing needs through add-on modules


Copan WASPLab™ System**
Expand microbiology automation for specimen processing through robotic plate management and digital reporting.

  • Automates plate incubation, moving inoculated specimen plates from WASP to robotic incubators
  • Captures high-definition plate images for differential analysis
  • Facilitates image review and allows operator to retrieve plates for additional workup


MicroScan® WalkAway® plus Systems
Complement any size lab and test volume with standardized and reliable automated results while maximizing efficiency.

  • Simplifies maintenance through lever-activated reagent caps that are easy to lock
  • Processes Conventional and Specialty Panels - direct, non ID-dependant MICs, help you zero in on emerging resistance
  • Processes Rapid and Specialty ID panels for reduced turnaround when speed matters
  • Enables direct de-ionized water hook-up providing additional savings
  • Provides optional remote diagnostics for an extra level of service responsiveness


Bruker MALDI Biotyper® System
Obtain fast and more cost-effective molecular microorganism identification using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for proteomic fingerprinting. This technology provides outstanding accuracy and sensitivity to meet the demands of diverse laboratory needs.

  • Generates reliable identification of microorganisms by species-specific signal patterns obtained by mass spectrometry
  • Delivers dedicated database containing thousands of reference entries
  • Combines the strength of Bruker ID with MicroScan® AST


* Distribution rights vary by country. Please contact your local representative for more information. WASP is a trademark of Copan Italia S.p.A. and registered in the U.S.
**WASPLab in a trademark of Copan Italia S.p.A.
† MALDI Biotyper is a trademark of Bruker Daltonik.

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. is an authorized distributor of the Copan WASP System and the Bruker MALDI Biotyper System. Copan and Bruker are Strategic Alliance Partners of Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.


Microbiology IT

LabPro Information Manager

Using an intuitive, customizable user interface, data is streamlined and organized from MicroScan® instruments, enabling faster workflow and delivery of test results. LabPro:

  • Allows labs to adapt work processes to specific lab requirements using customizable alerts, rules, and analysis
  • Enables detailed data analysis and reporting by exporting data to spreadsheets, graphing software, and databases
  • Allows accurate reporting through user-defined alerts that direct laboratory staff to take immediate corrective action
  • Records actions taken to resolve atypical results, simplifying auditing and enhancing Quality Control (QC)

LabPro Connect
Take information access to a higher level—not only making the information available when and where it’s needed, but also doing so in a manner that is easy on you and your staff.

  • Offers most functions available at the convenience of your LIS (LAN) workstation
  • Provides access to any LabPro system within the LabPro Network
  • Consolidates epidemiology for customers with more than one LabPro system
  • Allows one LIS connection for LabPro network configurations 


LabPro-MBT* (LabPro Bruker MALDI Biotyper® Connectivity Software)
Our new interface software seamlessly integrates MALDI Biotyper processing with MicroScan® panel results to simplify mass spectrometry ID workflow.

  • Combines MALDI Biotyper IDs with MicroScan® AST in LabPro, applying LabPro AlertEX Rules and interpretations to results
  • Performs MALDI Biotyper Target assignment in LabPro with electronic transfer to MALDI Biotyper
  • Allows for one LIS connection for MicroScan® and MALDI Biotyper systems
  • No additional middleware or computer required


*Under development. Not available for sale.


Molecular Diagnostics

Tissue Preparation Solution
Implement a more efficient and reproducible process to meet the challenges you face in the extraction of nucleic acids from Formalin-Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) tissue.

  • Fully automates the de-parafination process
  • Produces reliable and consistent success rates for RNA and DNA yields
  • Co-purifies RNA and DNA from a single FFPE sample
  • Eliminates hazardous chemicals for enhanced safety


VERSANT kPCR Sample Prep*

The VERSANT® kPCR Sample Prep allows you to consolidate your nucleic acid extractions on one bench-top platform. Our fully automated universal extraction technology isolates and purifies both DNA and RNA from diverse clinical samples using a single set of reagents, reducing your inventory and maximizing lab efficiency.

  • Provides quality isolations using proprietary extraction technology
  • Increased lab efficiency and productivity with an automated platform for increased walk-away time
  • Enhanced versatility supporting a variety of sample types and molecular applications
  • Delivers confidence in results


*Not available for sale in the U.S.

Visit our booth #701 at asm2014 to learn more about our products, services, and solutions.