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Formulating an effective business strategy is a formidable challenge for many imaging centers. Siemens’ PETNET Solutions’ highly experienced staff, with an average of more than ten years of industry experience, guides every customer in developing and implementing a tailored business strategy.

Trusted partner to power growth
Siemens’ PETNET Solutions establishes a true partnership with customers. As a result of this partnership, gap analyses can be performed to uncover hidden opportunities to maximize cost savings, identify growth potential and increase patient referrals.

PETNET Direct: online ordering and practice management
PETNET Direct online dose ordering provides 24/7 convenience and flexibility.
In addition to placing orders online, customers also can track patient visit data, such as diagnosis, staging and restaging. In addition, streamlined practice management tools enable quick and easy reporting on a variety of metrics.

Expert market research

Detailed research reports provide customers with a comprehensive view of the local market and assist in identifying new opportunities to capture additional market share.

Clinical trial guidance
Siemens’ PETNET Solutions has on-going collaborations with pharmaceutical companies and industry. This connection provides unique opportunities for customers to participate in clinical trials. Siemens' PETNET Solutions provides not only access to tracers but also the training and support to facilate their entry/particpation in the clinical trial.

Successful business strategy support
Even in a difficult business environment, the right business strategy will enable growth by driving efficiencies and securing new revenue streams. On average, Siemens’ PETNET Solutions’ customers experience a 26% increase in PET/CT utilization as a result of successful execution of personalized growth strategies.2

Personalized process for growth

Siemens’ PETNET Solutions offers customers a personalized strategy for growth. The process starts with a local market assessment and joint business planning. The second step in the process is a recommended action plan that is easy for imaging centers to follow. The process ends with reviewing clinical and financial results.

1Please contact your PETNET Solutions sales representative for availability in your local country.

2Analysis performed by PETNET Solutions; accounts in the United States.