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Siemens’ PETNET Solutions delivers confidence every day. Reliability is engineered into the business model, resulting in an order fulfillment rate of more than 99%1 on over 800,000 doses per year.

The advantage of integration
From clinical trials to manufacturing and distribution, Siemens’ PETNET Solutions has vast experience in all aspects of the PET tracer business. As part of the Siemens family of companies, PETNET Solutions has direct input into research and development of Siemens cyclotron and radiochemistry solutions, which enables optimal yields and maximized reliability.

Supporting your business
When an imaging center is confident in PET tracer delivery, it becomes easier to maintain patient schedules, reduce wait times and provide timely results to referring physicians. For more than 17 years, Siemens’ PETNET Solutions has delivered confidence, thus helping customers grow and succeed.

Reliable dose delivery

Siemens’ PETNET Solutions has invested in redundant equipment for key processes to eliminate single points of failure, ensuring on-time dose delivery to customers. This SafetyNet™ program also enables a rapid increase in production to meet market demand. And, to ensure maximum uptime for all equipment, Siemens’ PETNET Solutions has implemented real-time production monitoring across all locations. Stringent monitoring of key performance indicators and 24/7 in-house support and service enables global network delivery to run smoothly and efficiently.

Commitment to customers

To further prove our commitment to customers, Siemens’s PETNET Solutions is the first-and-only national commercial manufacturer to submit and gain approval for an ANDA for fludeoxyglucose F 18 injection (18F FDG).
Siemens’ PETNET Solutions submitted and obtained Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of 18F FDG well in advance of industry requirements. In addition, PET cGMP requirements have been implemented at all manufacturing sites throughout Siemens’ PETNET Solutions worldwide network.

1510(k) pending.